Latest issue of the Portuguese Economic Journal
Volume 16, Issue 2, August 2017.

Available Online First
"The Dutch disease revisited: absorption constraint and learning by doing" by Roberto Iacono.
"Exchange rate volatility and capital inflows: role of financial development" by Zainab Jehan, Azooba Hamid.
"ARDL panel estimation of stock market indices and macroeconomic environment of CEE and SEE countries in the last decade of transition" by Anita Radman Peša, Elżbieta Wrońska-Bukalska, Jurica Bosna.
"Momentum meets value investing in a small European market" by Júlio Lobão, Marcos Azeredo.
"Is time-variant information stickiness state-dependent?" by Yingying Xu, Zhixin Liu, Zichao Jia, Chi-Wei Su.

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Watch the interview with Sérgio Rebelo on Economics Apprenticeship and Keeping Knowledge Alive.

Portuguese Economy Research Report
The latest discussion paper on the blog is "Upward Nominal Wage Rigidity: Extensions to Wage Agreements" by Paulo Guimarães, Fernando Martins, and Pedro Portugal.

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